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Do I need to present my HometownRx Card each time I fill a prescription?
Yes. Always present your card. Not only is this for your safety, but also enables you to take full benefit of your pharmacy plan.

What if I'm away from my usual pharmacy and need a prescription filled?
Your HometownRx ID card is accepted nationwide. Most national chains and many community pharmacies are participating members.

What if my current pharmacy if not accepting HometownRx?
Any pharmacy may join our network at no charge. Have your pharmacist call our Service Center at 1-800-247-4526 for more information. Until your pharmacy joins our network, use a participating pharmacy so you prescriptions will be covered.

Do all medications have generic equivalents?
Many "brand name" drugs have a generic equivalent. Ask your doctor to prescribe and your pharmacist to dispense generic drugs whenever possible.

How do I know what drugs are covered and for how many days supply?
Your individual Plan Specifications sheet will have this information. It will be attached to your ID card in your benefits package. Usually, one co-pay is required for every months supply of medication received.