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Maintenance Drug Automatic Refill

HometownRx views any prescription with greater than a 34 day supply as a maintenance prescription. We believe that the days supply is at the discretion of the doctor and the doctor alone. Although the drug may be a "maintenance drug" the patient and the doctor may be working to find a medication that improved the patients condition. Additionally for a pharmacy to modify the days supply of a prescription without consulting with the doctor and documenting it is illegal.

Many PBM's push members, clients, and doctors to modify the days supply of medications that THEY have identified as maintenance drugs. This is done in an effort to have the prescription filled at massive PBM owned Mail Order Pharmacies. It is also done because they claim it will save you the Plan Sponsor money because of deeper discounts. Ultimately it costs you more money when employees switch therapy after fewer than 90 days, or an employee no longer with your company has medication left for which you paid.

The result is increased cost to Plan Sponsors and more dollars in the pockets of PBM owned Mail Order Pharmacies. That being said it is less expensive for Plan Sponsors to encourage compliance with maintenance medications than it is to pay for a major medical procedure. HometownRx believes that allowing greater than a 34 day supply should be viewed as a convenience and compliance benefit for employees; not an ingredient cost saver.

To accommodate this need for convenience and compliance we have partnered with Ganse Apothecary to provide you and your employees optional automatic refills of your prescriptions. Ganse Apothecary will even deliver to your home or office on a schedule that meets your needs and notify you 30 days before your prescription runs out of refills. The Automatic Refill service is a product of Ganse Apothecary and is an ideal solution when your doctor gives you a prescription for a long-term or maintenance medicine.

Simply mail your prescription or refill order to:
     Ganse Apothecary
     355 West King Street
     Lancaster, PA 17603.

Your prescription will be checked, dispensed and mailed to your home or office within 10 days. No claim forms to fill out and no waiting for reimbursement. The process is not only easy, it's safe.

This partnership between HometownRx and Ganse Apothecary uses state-of-the-art automation that ensures safety and accuracy in dispensing, reduces paperwork and customizes order forms and patient-education materials.